Steps to crack UPSC IAS Exam

Steps to crack UPSC IAS Exam

Steps to crack UPSC IAS Exam

Each year lakhs of aspirants join the team of existing aspirants with a dream to become an IAS officer. Each dream is special as they are laid down on the foundations of hope. Every serious aspirant goes through a rigorous mental and physical deterioration for this examination in order to fulfill a commitment that they made for themselves and to their society to make a positive change through their hard work and optimism. But do all of these aspirants make it through the final list?

What are these steps which are required to taste the ultimate success?

  1. Make a commitment to yourself – First of all, before you enter into this marshy fields of civil services examination, you should remember that your commitment to yourself matters the most, even more than your commitment to your family and society. Therefore, please ask yourself why you want to do it? Is it for some material pleasure or a genuine urge to serve the society that we live in. This commitment would serve you as the motivating factor at the lowest times during your preparation.
  2. Choosing the right guidance – A mentor can make or break your dream and your quest to turn it into a reality. Therefore, choose the right coaching institute and the respective mentors to maximise your chance to sail through this challenging examination.
  3. Choosing the right resources – There are umpteen resources in the market to study and rely upon before you enter the examination hall on the judgment day. You should remember that more and more resources may not equalise success but choosing the right resources and managing them with right time would serve the purpose of achieving success at minimum costs in terms of time and efforts. Unnecessarily embarking on unnecessary resources would only mean that your crucial time is being wasted in something which may not help you in the examination. So, stay away from gossip mongers and self-proclaimed advisors who generally distract you from your goal by suggesting you to increase your resources in volume.
  4. Be consistent – We all know that the perfect way to achieve success is to be consistent. Even if you are a grass mower, you have to be consistent in the job to achieve the beauty of the lawn. Stay away from unproductive discussions, actions, and procrastination. Use digital mediums such as reminders and to-do list to maximise your productivity and eradicate procrastination from your schedule.
  5. Be happy and believe in yourself – We often see that students tend to fall in the trap of depression and start doubting themselves regarding their competencies and strategies. Believe in yourself because we believe in you and your dream. When you reach out to us, we know that you’ve already sailed across the first major step of making a decision to choose this path for yourself. Be proud of it because of you intend to serve the nation. Be happy during this journey. Rough times are going to come but they don’t come to stay permanently and they will pass away as soon as you decide to not give them attention. This whole preparation is a beautiful journey that needs your commitment, efforts, consistency, and management to help you sail across this sea full of challenges.

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Best of luck for your preparations.

Jai Hind!

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Steps to crack UPSC IAS Exam- UPSC Tips
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Steps to crack UPSC IAS Exam- UPSC Tips
Steps to crack UPSC IAS Exam, Each year lakhs of aspirants join the team of existing aspirants with a dream to become an IAS officer.
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