How to relieve stress during IAS preparation?

Relieve stress during IAS preparation

UPSC IAS preparation takes a toll on your mental health by extracting maximum out of you. It is demanding in the sense that it requires a disciplined life with an objective analysis at every step. All this generates stress as a byproduct. You need to balance out the stress by excreting it out of your system to maintain in perfect mental state. But how do you relieve stress during IAS Preparation?

1. Keep your motivation high – Primarily, the motivation should come from internal sources i.e. your very purpose of entering into this preparation should serve as your motivation. You can take the shade of an external stimulus through your family and friends too.

2. Excrete the inessentials – Remove all the inhibitions and non-essential considerations that may plague your mind during this preparation phase. Take the curse of non-productive people who are hell bent to discourage you through negative vibes and negative stories.

3. Adopt a healthy lifestyle – Do not compromise on your health as it will take a toll on your body as a whole. You can easily manage studies and your fitness routine. Remember, this examination is all about maintaining a fine balance in your life.

Relieve stress during IAS preparation


4. Relax – While you need a disciplined life, you also need to relax a bit in this rat race because your productivity would decline if you keep on running. Take a small pause to boost up your energy and enter the battlefield again.

5. Interact – Keep interacting with good and productive people and do not lose out your friends to become a loner. The examination does not require you to be a mystic but a disciplined life of a regular person.

Keep up the spirits high. You are bound to win because you are born for a definite purpose. Love yourself and keep the people around you happy with your smile and positive attitude.

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