How to get over procrastination while preparing for UPSC examination?

procrastination while preparing for UPSC examination

Get over procrastination while preparing for UPSC examination

Coming straight to the point, I’d like to say that the best way to avoid procrastination is to develop a schedule for each month, each week, each day and each hour. Initially, you might not strictly adhere it (assuming you are a pro-level procrastinator) but with each passing day, you will start shaming yourself as an automatic response.

Do the following things –

Start punishing yourself or rewarding yourself if you are not following/following the schedule. This punishment and reward should be strictly followed to maintain authoritative control over yourself.
Initially, even if you are not following the schedule, you should not lose out and end the routine of making the schedule. Keep making the schedule as the cumulative effects of shaming would someday triumph over your procrastination habit.
Punishment and rewards should somehow complement your preparation. Like, if you have not followed the schedule for an hour, punish yourself by not allowing yourself to get up from the chair for another hour or so. Reward yourself with a break after each hour of religiously following the schedule.

Do not set unrealistic targets initially which might endanger your entire exercise of schedule making. Keep it, simple folks! Slowly increase the pace and do not indulge yourself in exercises that might trample upon your preparation.

Remember, you are the master of yourself and there is nothing that could control your determination, except your higher determination. Procrastination is normal to everyone, you just need to remove such barriers with empirically tested formulas that could fool your mind.

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Best of luck with your preparations.

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