Prepare for IAS Prelims in four simple steps

IAS Prelims

Union Public Service Commission has yet again proved that the acronym UPSC stands for ‘Unpredictable Public Service Commission’ with the surprisingly quirky Prelims 2019 Examination. We at iaskefunde have advised the aspirants to strive towards achieving a healthy balance between static and dynamic aspects of the syllabus. We have observed that aspirants plan lopsided strategies for the Prelims examination and then blame the Public Service Commission for observing a surprisingly hard examination pattern. In this article, we are going to share a small strategy to clear the Prelims examination with a better result.

IAS Prelims

  1. Focus on the essentials and revise more –

We have been saying it earlier and we are saying it once again, please focus on the standard books such as NCERTs, Yojana Magazine, Press Information Bureau highlights and other standard materials to strengthen your preparation and rely more on such official data such as Economic Surveys and Forest Surveys released by the Government of India. Other standard textbooks such as Laxmikant for Polity, Spectrum for History, Goh Cheng Leong for Geography are to be read and read time again to completely strengthen your grip over the syllabus. Do not fall prey to rumours that your fellow or old students fly away in the market about the relevance of a new book or resource material. Nobody can predict which resource material will be referred by the UPSC but trends portray that they rely more on official sources than on standard privately published books. Read and re-read the material again and again and you will develop and comprehensive understanding of the topic.

  1. Practice as many tests as possible –

Before you sit at the exam table and attempt to answer the Preliminary Examination question papers, you should have the same experience at least fifty times before i.e. attempt at least fifty tests or five thousand questions before you even think of attempting the real examination. Remember, practice makes the man perfect. Even if you do not encounter a single question from the tests that you have given, it is important to learn time management and risk aversion techniques from the tests that you will be giving prior to your examination.

  1. Make your own newspaper notes –

As we have made it clear earlier itself, please do not fall prey to current affairs modules released just before the Preliminary Examination by several online coaching and content provider websites. UPSC is determined to break the nexus of these online websites which claim to provide a readymade solution to the aspirants. One cannot become an IAS officer by reading a 100 page module for a topic. Make your own notes from newspapers and revise them again and again to tighten your grip over the topics. You can be your best teacher if you are hard working.

  1. Take calculated risks and be your own judge –

When you face the question paper in the examination hall, attempt those questions first which you are almost 100 percent sure about getting right. The time for calculated risks come at the second glance, so face those questions where you are confused about two options. Take only calculated risks and do not try to attempt all these questions. In the third and last reading, attempt the remaining questions if you are sure that you are going to score well enough to take the risk. Remember, each examination has a different strategy as one examination may require higher number of attempts whereas another one would require attempts with least mistakes. As you are your own judge, so take the risks accordingly.

Best of luck for your preparation. Enjoy this journey because if you do work hard while enjoying this journey, the success would not be a far-fetched dream.

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