Which official reports should be referred to while preparing for UPSC?

preparing for UPSC

Apart from the plethora of official sources of knowledge such as Press Information Bureau, Yojana and Kurukshetra Magazine, there are various reports that you need to look out for to strengthen your preparation for the General Studies components.
The most important report that you need to focus on is the ‘Administrative Reforms Commission’ (Second Report). In case you have time, you can also read Punchhi and Sarkaria Commission reports (selected reading). However, it is advisable to not indulge in reading the entire reports but take only basic points of them from summaries that are easily available online and in the market.
When you quote such reports, you give an authoritative backing to your answer. When you read such reports, it gives you the ‘intellectual traits’ that the UPSC is looking in an answer of Mains stature. It will give you a deep insight of how the administration works and what are the real issues and solutions to them.
This will also help you in Ethics Examination and clear many of your misunderstandings of the governance that we generally tend to from while preparing for the examination. We tend to give self-created solutions which we deem fit to be applied across all disciplines. Reading such reports would provide you with universal points that could help you to complement your dynamic portion answers subtly with the static solutions.
While reading, remember, the conclusion part of every chapter is very important, so don’t miss it. Maintain notes, keep revising them, keep writing them in your answers.

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