What is the best motivation to clear UPSC examination?

best motivation to clear UPSC examination

 The best motivation to clear UPSC examination

Many of you might have made up your mind to prepare for the UPSC Civil Services Examination. However, each of you must be having a separate motivation to pursue your career in civil services. Whatsoever is your motivation, I am not going to question that but I sincerely hope that it is not material in nature only. Because if your motivation is confined to material pleasures alone, then you have certainly failed to realize the premise of these services which is ‘public service’.

Do you derive satisfaction from helping your fellow people? If yes, then you are pursuing the best possible career that you could think of in India. People often ask, what is the biggest motivation that drives people to succeed in the services? There is a one-word answer for it – Satisfaction!

The satisfaction that you derive from getting the opportunity to serve your mother nation is incomparable to any other satisfaction. A life lived for others than just for yourself as an individual is a life worth living. There are a handful of people who get this opportunity each year to maintain a healthy balance between their individual life whilst pursuing a proportionate increase in living conditions of fellow Indians.

best motivation to clear UPSC examination

No material inputs can provide such satisfaction. Once you have tasted the nectar of serving the collective good, you will understand the entire premise of this examination. Utilize this objective as your internal stimulus to motivate yourself. Keep reminding yourself about Gandhiji’s Talisman about your every action affecting the most unfortunate (wo)man that you have seen in life. This will change your perception of life and will inculcate ethical and moral values in you as a person, which is quintessential for a public servant.

What drives you to pursue your career in civil services? Do comment below and let us be honest in our discussion. Without an honest comment, we would not be able to guide you in the right direction. You can go anonymous too.

Jai Hind!

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