Managing Relationships While Preparing for UPSC

Managing Relationships While Preparing for UPSC

Managing Relationships While Preparing for UPSC

UPSC Civil Services Exam is rigorous, and its preparation is very time-consuming. Many students feel that they have to quit their social life altogether to gain maximum focus. While this is true for some people, not all of us can perform at our full potential without a proper social life. Our brain needs to rest properly to work efficiently. Thus, the question arises on how to manage time and give appropriate time to studies while also enjoying the beauty of life. IAS ke Funde strongly condemns the idea that you have to keep your social life non-existent if you want to stay focused on a particular goal. We believe that time management is the most critical factor. If you can complete your tasks in a limited time, why waste hours just sitting at your desk and then, in the end, accomplishing nothing. 

So, let’s see how you can manage your various relationships while preparing for UPSC Civil Services Examination. 

Managing Life with Your Partner Efficiently

The most important aspect of a long-lasting relationship with your significant other is to give them time adequately. After all, that’s what most partners desire from you – attention. While preparing for UPSC CSE, you’ll have to make difficult choices that can harm the feelings of others. So, it is best to be careful. If you find it challenging to keep your relationship alive because of lack of time, this article is for you.

Firstly, communicate appropriately with your partner. Do not expect them to understand everything without conveying your thoughts. No one is a mind reader. Lack of communication is the most prominent reason in failed relationships. That’s why it is essential to share your ideas and thoughts.

Moreover, you develop a sense of trust in their mind when you share your feelings and plans honestly. Once you have developed a level of understanding, they will be much required helping hand in your progress. When you are on such a long and tiresome journey you need constant motivation and self-motivation is not always possible. Therefore, having proper synergy with your partner is crucial for your relationship. 

The next thing is to understand the limits. Giving attention is good, but giving too much attention to your love life will be disastrous for your UPSC Civil Services preparation. You can not afford to lose too much time. Therefore, make them understand your goal and its requirements properly. Sometimes it is difficult for people to realize that they won’t get the attention they need. But your partner should help you grow not to hold you back. In such a case, it’s better to stay patient and give them time to understand. If they still fail to understand, it’s better to focus on your goal and let them be. Remember, you have to make sacrifices when you are pursuing a higher purpose. Just like a famous quote by Richard Bach, “If you love someone, let them go. If they come back, they’re yours. If they don’t, they never were.”

Finally, do not make someone a scapegoat of your frustration or anger. It is understood that sometimes you may feel frustrated during the long course of UPSC preparation. But that doesn’t mean you should vent that feeling on someone who’s there to care for you. Try to be open about your feelings. Share things to find the solutions. Sometimes an opinion from a third person’s perspective is needed to solve the problematic situations. So, be mature and learn to handle situations without hurting others.

Managing Friendships and Family Time

The quality of friends in your life can make or break your dreams of becoming an IAS officer. Thus, it is vital to choose your friend circle wisely. In today’s competitive world, it is very common to find people who talk sweet but then put a knife in your back. It is crucial to find friends who are supportive and contribute to your progress. You should be able to talk to your friends about your goals and find a middle line between your studies and friendship. Just like I said before, people who want you to succeed will not hinder your progress. People who try to blackmail you for the sake of friendship emotionally are only those who never want to see you grow. 

Additionally, make sure you take time out of your schedule only for those things that are important. Do not fall for peer pressure. Learning to say ‘No’ is crucial to maintain a regular schedule. The same goes for family gatherings and celebrations too. It is not essential to attend every event that is going on in your family. This doesn’t mean you should cut off the connections with your relatives. But develop a habit to make positive choices. This will help you in your future life too. As an IAS officer, you are always under scrutiny to make choices that affect the lives of hundreds or thousands of people. Therefore, it is crucial to develop a habit of making proper decisions. The practice of saying ‘No’ is very helpful in such situations.

So, these were some tips to maintain a healthy social life while preparing for UPSC Civil Services. These points are essential for maintaining a much-required balance between your study time and leisure time. Try to incorporate them in your life to get positive results in every phase of your life. 

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