How to make a strategy for UPSC examination?

strategy for UPSC Examination

How to make a strategy for UPSC examination?

As we all know that the Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) has notified the Civil Services examination, 2020 recently. The recruitment procedure is a vital opportunity for all of us who are preparing for getting selected in this prestigious examination with a good rank and fulfil our duty towards our country.

If you are aiming to get a good rank in UPSC 2020, do not wait any longer as the timer has started and there is limited time left for you to prepare the same. Make a good strategy that pays you at the most appropriate time.

strategy for UPSC Examination

How to make such a strategy for UPSC examination?

First and foremost,

You need to brush up your ‘incredible passion’. Be obsessed with it, live it at each moment and dedicate yourself truly to it. To boost up your passion, imagine how your life would be five years from now, ten years from now or say twenty years from now. Visualize these moments in your head and you will get enough motivation to prepare a good strategy to achieve it.


You must dedicate yourself truly to this examination. Make your study plan for each day, each week and a month. Focus on your study plan and strictly adhere to it. Do not lose yourself even for an hour, because an hour would go for a day and ultimately your whole preparation and this golden chance would go out of your hand. Strictly adhere to your plan, no matter what comes your way.

Thirdly, follow the right guidance.

This examination does not require misguided hard work but a smart work with a smart strategy. Those who say that there are no shortcuts to success are often those who fail to work smartly. Follow professional guidance and trust your mentors. Do not doubt their motives or their capacities. Trust them and see the change in yourself.
Fourthly, keep revising what you read. It is not a hundred things that you read for one time, but that one thing that you read for more than a hundred times would yield you the success. Accommodate revision in your study plan as it will pay you the richest dividends. Make precise notes and keep reading and re-reading it to strengthen your core syllabus as well as the dynamic part.
Last, but not least, remember that only dedicated, consistent and focused efforts will bear results. Therefore, do not lose out this chance provided by the UPSC due to your self-made presumptions, undermining your capabilities and your strengths. This examination is more about testing your consistency and commitment towards a goal than about testing your knowledge or opinions. Stay focused, calm and conjoin all your energies towards this objective of emerging as the winner in this competition. here
We wish you the best of luck in this journey and remember, we are always here for all kind of assistance. We are here to help you throughout this journey. Stay connected!

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