Is IAS examination too difficult to crack?

Is IAS examination too difficult to crack?

Is IAS examination too difficult to crack?

We get this query from the UPSC aspirants quite frequently and each time we affirm that it is not the case with disciplined and dedicated aspirants. What makes an examination difficult? These abstract notions and self-propelled fears often discourage many aspirants to try their luck in such an enlightening examination.

We would like to tell you all in absolute terms – IT IS NOT A DIFFICULT EXAMINATION. Often, people make it difficult by complicating the very essentials of the examination by expanding their foundation to non-essentials. We have often suggested aspirants to stick to the syllabus and excrete out all negative externalities that come along with this preparation. Have you seen the nodules that carry rare Earth metals? They are covered in muck and it takes a lot of effort to remove them mechanically to extract out the rare Earth metals. Consider this examination syllabus in the same manner, you need to remove a lot of muck that may come in your way along with your preparation. Misguided and malefic-intentioned fellows might try to dissuade you through complications but you need to stick to the syllabus strictly.

Is IAS examination too difficult to crack?

Secondly, you need to maintain a disciplined, smart and a dynamic strategy for the examination preparation. You cannot expect wonders by doing the same mistakes again and again and expecting the results to be different each time. Adjust to the demands of the examination and incorporate the attitude of a bureaucrat who has to deal with spontaneity at each stage of his professional life. Nonsense and indiscipline is the first stone towards failure, so shed it all together at once. Once you adopt a disciplined lifestyle, half the battle is already won. Your dedication would neutralize all the negativities that may surround you in this phase of preparation. Dedication and motivation both would complement your preparation, so keep up the spirits high through an internal stimulus, as we discussed in a recent post.

Shed all the inhibitions about yourself and about this examination. Success is not an esoteric thing that only a few fortunate people deserve, it is as open as a public park. You just need to stand up, strengthen your legs and tighten your shoes before you embark on your first jog.

Be a warrior because you are bound to succeed.

Jai Hind!


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