How to enrich your UPSC Mains answer?

enrich your UPSC Mains answer

There are many questions regarding how you should write the UPSC Mains answer to catch the best attention of the examiner to score maximum marks in the examination. Today, let us see how to maximise your potential and enrich your answers with value-added points.

1. Make it more dynamic – If you can make your content more relevant to current issues of importance, it would automatically present you as a problem solver and a learner from history.

2. Have a broad horizon – Do not limit yourself in just historical and contemporary tags, rather expand your horizons to include social, political and economic dimensions across all the times and spaces.

3. Use pictorial representations – If you can make diagrams and present it pictorially, you will already have an edge over others in terms of quality of answer.

4. Let it flow – People would ask you to write in bullet points but it gives a picture that you are just throwing away facts, however, if you write in paragraphs, it makes you look like a practical person with the ability to understand and explain the situations in a flow. Of course, in case of paucity of time, you can write in bullet points.

enrich your UPSC Mains answer

5. Improve your handwriting – It may seem funny but it actually leaves a big impression upon your examiner if you write in a neat and healthy way. A good looking handwriting would soothe the mood of the examiner and adequate attention to your answer would be paid.

Most importantly, answer writing practice is the key to improve your answers on all fronts. Promise yourself to write at least a minimum of five answers daily without a break. You will master the craft yourself.

Keep writing, keep reviewing and keep analysing your answers.

Best of luck!

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