Is coaching necessary for UPSC IAS preparation?

UPSC IAS Preparation

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We are often asked about the need of coaching centres for UPSC IAS preparation. Aspirants want to know if they are necessary or not. We do not endorse any coaching institute per se but we can give you a holistic picture of the coaching needs as a whole.

Firstly, let us discuss the benefits attached to opt for mentorship programmes for UPSC preparation –

  1. Helps in a disciplined strategy formulation.
  2. Keeps a tab on your preparation level.
  3. Makes you aware of the competition in the market.
  4. Inculcates a habit of regularity in studies.
  5. Strengthens your basics of knowledge which are of utmost importance.
  6. Provides you with rich, invaluable and experienced insights into the syllabus.
  7. Helps you clear the doubts that you otherwise tend to ignore.
  8. Fixes the glitches that come in your mental state during the exhausting times.
  9. Gives you the ability to periodically review your preparation through regular tests.
  10. Most importantly, the personal attention that you seek during your preparation phase is all what it is needed from the coaching/mentorship programmes.

UPSC IAS Preparation

Now, let us focus on the disadvantages, which are –

  1. Economic costs are too high for many coaching centres.
  2. Inexperienced and non-professional faculty in many of the coaching centres.
  3. Lack of personal attention in many of the centres.
  4. Non-adherence of syllabus criteria and complication of topics due to unnecessary focus.
  5. Non-attention to basic books such as NCERTs.

As you can see, the disadvantages are also there but it should be made clear that they vary in different coaching centres and are not static for all. You need to experience yourself which one of them is suitable for your needs. We, as your personal mentors, believe that personal attention is the prime moving force and it should be the biggest concern for an aspirant. You need to see where your concerns will be addressed suitably so that you can suitably adjust your strategy according to the needs of the syllabus and examination as a whole.

Attend demo lectures and keep an eagle’s eye over the content delivered, get information from the previous students, read reviews and see if they are able to remove all the doubts that you have in your mind. See how they treat your doubts initially, including the personal ones.

Have your ideas enshrined on our website, please comment your queries in the comment section so that we can address individual queries compositely through a dedicated post. Let us make it a two-way communication than a unilateral one.

Best of luck for your preparation.

Jai Hind! 


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