How to Choose The Best IAS Coaching for You

Best IAS Coaching

Choose The Best IAS Coaching

Choosing a coaching institute that caters to your needs perfectly is a rigorous task. Often students end up in an institute that isn’t according to their requirements and they struggle in performing at their best. The role of a good mentor is crucial in your preparation of UPSC CSE. If you get precise guidance, your probability of getting selected in the final list of Civil Services Exam gets enhanced a lot. An out of track coaching, on the other hand, will direct your efforts to a path that’s not meant for you and you’ll end up nowhere.

We, at IAS ke Funde, understand the importance of good coaching. That is why we bring you the tips to find the best IAS coaching institute for you. We will tell you what should be taken care of when you first start searching for an institute. 

Pinpoint Your Requirements

The first step before you jump into searching an institute is to decide why you need coaching. Take a good look at the syllabus specified by UPSC and prepare a list of subjects that you’ll need help for. This will serve as a base for your future expedition in the UPSC world. Each tier of UPSC hasa its own feature and you have to prepare accordingly. There are very few institutes that can help your all-round development. So, you have to find an institute that provides coaching according to your requirements. For example, if you want to focus on prelims, you have to brush up your basics. If you focus on mains, you should improve your answer writing skills. For CSAT, you’ll practice logical and analytical aptitude. Now depending on your area of focus, you’ll need proper faculty to guide you. Let’s discuss how to find the best IAS coaching according to each tier of UPSC CSE.

The Foundation to choose Best IAS Coaching

Before you can be sure that you can write good answers in the mains, your basics should be clear. You should have facts ready at your disposal when you start writing answers. To remember those facts, you have to develop a strong foundation. Therefore, you should search for an institute that can help you start from the very bottom. The best IAS institutes progress their course gradually. Starting with the very simple basics and then moving forward to answer writing and finally to mock interview preparation. So, make sure the institute you choose follows progressive courseware unless you are opting for a crash course.

Study Material and After-class Support

Every institute claims that its study material is the best. But how can you tell that it is actually relevant? The best way is to check how often the material is updated. In this rapidly changing world, the information becomes outdated very fastly. A UPSC aspirant should start ahead of its time with the latest facts and data. So, the study material provided by the institutes is just as crucial as the faculty of the institute. 

Similarly, when you have so much information to process, you will definitely come across some doubts. That’s why you need the best support from the teachers even after the class is over. Most reputed institutes provide 24/7 support to students and some organise special doubt removal sessions. Thus, an academy that takes care of its students anytime they feel stuck is the best IAS academy.

Best IAS Coaching


Test Series and Mock Interviews

Test series plays a very crucial role in the assessment of your preparation. When you start studying you may feel that you have in-depth knowledge of every topic. But you can be sure only when you test that knowledge. Thus, no matter how hard you study, without a test series, you can not get the actual idea of your progress. A test series also allows you to check where you are lacking so you can improve your weak points. The best IAS institutes provide online test series with competition from all over India. With students from all over the country participating, you can check where you stand amongst the competition. 

Similarly, mock interviews also help boost your confidence when you have to appear before a panel of experts. A lot of candidates fail to fulfil their dream even after reaching the last stage of UPSC CSE. The main reason is their lack of experience in handling interviews. So, make sure the institute you choose gives you an opportunity to practice with the experienced panel of interviewers. 

The Feedback

Feedback from real students is a crucial factor in deciding which institute you should join. If you are visiting the Institute for a demo class, make sure you talk to some of the students to get a real idea of what the institute offers. Otherwise, you can also check the rating and reviews online. The best thing would be to ask the past students as they are the ones who provide the most critical reviews. You can also ask someone experienced to come with you when you visit the institute to get a second opinion. These days it’s very common to post fake reviews on the websites and social media so stay alert and research properly before making a final decision. 

Online support

The world is moving swiftly toward digitization. With most students preferring online education over regular classroom courses for the sake of freedom of studying. Apart from this, students also get the benefit of getting their study material wherever or whenever they want to access it. So, make sure you take the favour of the latest technologies to aid your studies. The best IAS coaching institutes are always ready to provide the best facilities to their students. You can always stay ahead of the competition with online support. 


These were some tips that are essential for the selection of a good IAS coaching for you. We hope it will help you choose an IAS institute in a much efficient way than before. Remember, UPSC is not just an exam. It is a dream that is rarely fulfilled by the candidates. So, make positive choices and give a boost to your preparation. Do not be a dreamer only, be a doer and achieve the goals that are only for the best. 

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