Brief about IAS interviews

IAS interviews

Brief about IAS interviews


If you’ve cleared the Preliminary Examination and Mains Examination of the prestigious Civil Services Examination, then it is a testimony to the fact that you’re knowledgeable enough as per the standards of UPSC. The interview is not an examination to test your knowledge about various subjects but it is an attempt to test your communicative skills, aptitude and overall personality that you carry with yourself. Those who were pursuing preparations have always queried about this stage even before they start preparing actually.

We understand that there is a considerable amount of excitement in an aspirant to know about the interview stage because of obvious reasons.
Let us first keep in mind that this stage is not meant to test your knowledge because the previous two stages (Prelims and Mains) have already scanned you for the same. Then, how do you prepare for that? Let us see a brief about IAS Interviews-

Take your DAF very seriously –

At a time (after Prelims) you are required to fill out the DAF (Detailed Application Form) comes, you should take it very seriously because it can make or break the game for you. Do not even try to indulge in false showmanship or presenting deliberately misleading facts to the commission. This will throw you out of the game in a matter of few minutes. Do not judge their ability to judge you. Be yourself but do not fall into the trap of presenting yourself as a failure in life. Especially the hobbies part speaks a lot about you. It is always advisable to develop a hobby besides your UPSC preparation to give yourself an edge over others.

IAS interviews

Be apolitical –

During your interview, do not show your political side or ideologies that you support. Remember, political ideology or for that matter any ideology lacks reason and rationality and UPSC would not even think of inducting anyone that has a prefixed ideology. Bureaucrats are meant to be apolitical throughout their service tenure so as to not develop any conflict of interest and ensure smooth flow of services to the society and polity. Your one signal to the panel highlighting your political affiliations or association would mean that you are out of the game immediately. To develop this neutrality, always be rational while studying political outlooks and read multiple sides of a political situation.

Think before you speak –

Of course, we know that UPSC may also test your spontaneity and ability to take decisions through stress interviews. You can easily beat that stress by focusing on deep analysis of a question and replying with a rational answer. You may feel that you’ve failed to impress them but a person who thinks before he speaks is respected everywhere. Do not fall prey to their friendly overtures and treat them as your pals or associate. Remember to be formal with your words and your action.

Know yourself and stay calm –

Do not worry if you are failing to answer questions about your background. Be polite and reply negatively in a diplomatic manner. Remember, a ‘NO’ is itself an answer and rather than committing a mistake, you must deny answering the same in a polite way. Nobody expects you to be a master of everything, after all you are going to enter the bureaucracy which is generalist itself. Therefore, stay calm but do not compromise on your background information (especially educational background) which everyone expects you to have at least a rudimentary understanding of it.


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