How to approach the UPSC Prelims Examination?

UPSC Prelims Examination

UPSC Prelims Examination

This topic about How to approach the UPSC Prelims Examination? is one of the most dominant queries amongst the new aspirants as well as the old ones. In the past few years, the Preliminary Examination has turned into a nightmare for students because of its unpredictability and level of difficulty.
For those who have failed to secure good marks in this year’s examination (as per unofficial answer keys) should not lose heart. Rather they should supplement their preparation with value addition in the form of linkages of static portion with a dynamic portion. They should be well aware of what is going around in the world, not just in India. Do not rely solely on current affairs modules that many coaching centers and websites release a few months before the Prelims examination. You should supplement your current affairs with them but not make them the primary source of information.

UPSC Prelims Examination
We know that many might disagree with our modern prophecy, but we advise all to attempt more questions in the examination because it increases the probability of your success. Of course, for it to succeed, you need to take regular tests, not just to sharpen your preparation but to remove all the pressure and fear that engulfs your mind during the examination. Regular assessment and review sharpens your intellect and makes you ready for the final battle.
As we always say – Success is not something esoteric that only a few in this world deserve, we all stand an equal chance to it. The only condition is that you have to make yourself capable of it.
Have your strategy in the right direction, be dedicated to it and keep working towards the goal. You will succeed for sure.

Best of luck with your preparations.

Jai Hind!