Answer Writing Tips for UPSC Mains

Answer Writing Tips for UPSC Mains

Answer Writing Tips on UPSC Mains

One of the biggest queries of UPSC aspirants is how to write an answer. For that to answer, you need to understand that answer writing is not as big a monster as it is made out to be. You need to note that it is merely an expression of your knowledge, analysis, and opinion based on which the examiner would understand your personality.
So, the question arises as to how do you present your best self to the examiner? Simply, start practicing the art of expression of knowledge. For that, you need to be crisp and clear about the answer. For each question, make a theme around which you need to revolve your answer. Give a 360-degree review with a dynamic shelf to that theme and your answer will automatically become the best one possible.

How to do it? Practice writing, practice writing, practice writing. Start by reading an Editorial and then pen it down in the format of a question made by your understanding of the article. Do not expect a miraculous answer in the first instance but you can definitely expect a miracle in the form of lowering down of your anxiety about answer writing.
Until you start writing, your mind will not be comfortable with writing answers. Do not be fearful of it, do not be evasive about it. Accommodate it as your routine and you will start enjoying it as a feeling of bliss. Your answer should be free flow and the examiner should enjoy reading it and not feel it as an expression of a robot (i.e. too much facts vomited out on the sheet). The examination is not a test of vocabulary or encyclopedic knowledge, it is the test of your expression, analysis, and opinion about what is happening around the world.

Keep writing, keep shining and keep winning.
Stay ahead of your every passing moment. Best of luck with your preparations and Answer Writing Tips for UPSC Mains.
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