The Web of UPSC Online Coaching – How to Decide What’s Best

The Web of UPSC Online Coaching

The Web of UPSC Online Coaching

UPSC Coaching in India is a flourishing trade. With the number of unsatisfied professionals in private firms increasing day by day, UPSC has become a final resort. Additionally, a lot of graduates aim for UPSC Civil Services Exam. Moreover, it is a widespread notion that only government jobs can make you feel happy and accomplished in your life. This group mentality of our society is also a substantial contributing factor to this boom in CSE aspirants. However, we don’t support this ideology. Because every individual is unique in their way. 

But if UPSC Civil Services Exam is your ultimate goal, you’ll need proper mentorship. It’s better to join a coaching institute because you get a streamlined course structure. However, if you prepare on your own, you’ll have to spend a lot of time planning your studies. You’ll do a lot of research, create a strategy, revise it to make it better over time, and then finally work toward your goal. The coaching institutes help you by snipping the hassle of planning out of your way. You get an adequately tested schedule and effective courseware. However, while preparing on your own, you’ll have to spend a lot of time to take notes and polish them. Therefore, coaching institutes play a vital role in your journey. 

Just like most UPSC aspirants, you can move to Delhi to join some top coaching institute. It is a well-established norm among students to get enrolled in the best UPSC coaching institutes in Delhi. But what if you could get all the similar facilities in the comfort of your home. With online coaching classes, it is possible to study without leaving your home for big UPSC coaching hubs. It will help you prepare for India’s most premier competition at your own will. Online coaching will also save a lot of your time that you’ll otherwise spend in commute to your institute. Therefore, IAS ke Funde brings a comprehensive guide to UPSC online coaching. Keep reading to know what’s actually in the bag when it comes to online coaching for UPSC and what to look for in a well planned online course. 

Why Online Coaching?

  • Flexible Timings: Unlike the classroom courses, you don’t have to attend your lecture on a specific time in online coaching. You can decide on your own when you want to study. It is a boon if you’re most productive at odd timings. Therefore, flexible schedules allow you to give your best with unbroken focus. 
  • Complete Control: While watching recorded lectures, you can control the video as you like. If you feel like you missed something, you can rewind or slow down the speed of the video. If you think you’re familiar with some particular topic, you can skip that part and move to the next step. This independence to choose your path is crucial to rapid growth. 
  • Saves Time: It’s sporadic to find a coaching institute that’s near your residence. Therefore, you’ll have to travel and waste your precious time in traffic. If you are living in a place like Delhi or Bangalore where traffic jams are a common occurrence, you will end up wasting a couple of hours to and fro your residence. Online coaching helps save you time. When you are preparing for UPSC, every second is crucial. Therefore, it is better to make choices that do not hinder your progress.
  • No Need to Relocate: If you live far away from the top UPSC coaching hubs in India like Delhi, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Bangalore, etc., you’ll have to move to the nearest place near you to get enrolled in the top IAS coaching institutes. It is not easy for everyone to adjust according to new surroundings, and sometimes it takes months to develop the familiarity. However, if you study online, you can prepare from your home. The hassle of relocating to a new place and then adapt is over. 
  • Budget-Friendly: Most of the institutes offer online coaching at a budget-friendly price in comparison to regular classroom courses. Thus, you get the same experience and knowledge without paying hefty fees charged by the top IAS coaching institutes. Depending on the institute, you can get the online classes at almost half the price of a regular course.

The Web of UPSC Online Coaching

How to Choose What’s Best UPSC Online Coaching?

  • The first and the most important thing to notice is the quality of mentorship. After all, the whole purpose of getting coaching is to get mentorship throughout your journey. Therefore, before getting enrolled, get some demo lectures and check if you are compatible with the teacher and methodology. 
  • The next thing is the regularity of the lectures. You can not wait for the institute to upload classes with irregularities. You’ll need to follow a schedule even if you are opting for online courses. Therefore, make sure the institute supports a strict uploading schedule. 
  • The video quality of the lectures is also essential. You should be able to watch whatever the teacher is writing on the board. Also, the audio should be clear enough to listen to every word precisely. UPSC preparation leaves no chances to give some slack. Therefore, take your lectures seriously. 
  • Finally, the notes and tests should be a part of your online coaching. Most institutes provide printed notes and tests through the post. No coaching is complete without notes and periodic tests. Therefore, make sure you are getting every help possible to reach the goal you’ve put before you. 

Online Coaching vs Offline Coaching

Online Coaching Offline Coaching
Freedom to watch lectures anytime.  Strict classroom schedule. 
Complete control over the revision.  Revision according to the teacher’s wish.
No direct interaction with the teacher. Direct interaction with the teacher.
Time-saving process.  Relatively time-consuming.
The doubt removal process is lengthy sometimes. On the spot doubt removal. 
Easy on pocket.  Costly in comparison to online coaching.


Even though students still prefer regular classroom courses over online methods, the times are going to change soon. Recent developments in internet tech in India has paved the way for online things to become more dominant in the future. Therefore, you can make your choice according to your requirements and decide what’s more effective for your growth. 

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The Web of UPSC Online Coaching - How to Decide What's Best
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The Web of UPSC Online Coaching - How to Decide What's Best
UPSC Online Coaching in India is a flourishing trade. With the number of unsatisfied professionals in private firms increasing day by day, UPSC has become a final resort
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