Top Five Things to know before starting IAS Coaching

Things to know before starting IAS Coaching

Things to know before starting IAS Coaching

If you are looking for IAS Coaching and wondering what pre-requisites should be adhered to before embarking on this personality development journey, you’re at the right place. It is always advisable that you clear your mind with certain lessons before you look for coaching and hardcore preparation for the examination. Let’s start with the points that you may have to clear before you start your IAS Coaching.

1. What inspires you to be an IAS officer?

Is that a lure for the perks and power that an IAS officer holds or is that a determination to serve the people. Because the former is a materialistic notion and the latter serves the spiritual purpose. As we know that materialistic perks wither away after a while, but the spiritual satisfaction grows within you. So, define your purpose before you start the same.

2. What is the level of your commitment to this purpose?

If you are pushing yourself into this journey due to the peer or family pressure, you should try to convince your parents that it is not meant for you. Civil service is not a casual job and one cannot think of it as a short-term commitment and that selection would serve as the end. This is a life-long commitment and could be a long-term journey before your selection too. So, your patience should not lose out at any point of time.

3. How good you are at organising/managing your personal life?

You should ask yourself if you can manage your own life in the discipline. This service requires a disciplined life and rationality, so if you are casual about things in life, you’d find it very hard to make plans and manage the implementation strategies in your daily routine.

4. Are you adaptable to change?

You should make it clear if you are adaptable to change in life because the requirements and procedures are very dynamic in this service. Change is the only constant in life, so you should make this clear yourself beforehand.

5. Do you have or do you rely on external or internal emotional support?

Yes, this may look pessimistic in the beginning but this journey would push you through various crests and troughs in life. These phases would require emotional support for you, be it external or internal motivation. If you believe that your emotional needs would be managed well, then you are ready to start your preparation.

Let’s assume that your motivation level is high enough to cover all the above-mentioned requirements, but you should remember that this examination is not a short-term commitment and it is therefore different from other examinations. It is a journey to build your personality, transform your thinking and your vision towards society, politics, economy, and opinions. In the end, you’d find yourself a completely transformed personality and you’d be able to distinguish yourself from the present you and the future you in the upcoming months of your life.

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