Cracking the Code of UPSC While Working Full Time

UPSC While Working

Cracking the Code of UPSC While Working Full Time

It is a common practice these days to start preparing for government jobs while working full-time. The growing frustration and lack of a secure future in private jobs is a huge factor in making people rethink their decisions. The uncertainty of the future is too much for some people to handle. No doubt, the private sector jobs can pay you a handsome salary. But there is no peace of mind.

Moreover, as per our society’s norms, a government employee is highly esteemed.  UPSC Civil Services Exam is a gateway to earn that respect in society while working for a greater cause. Therefore, the number of UPSC aspirants is ever increasing. If you are also thinking about quitting your job to prepare for UPSC, think again. We’re here with the tips to help you prepare efficiently and crack UPSC while working full time. 

Against the standard norm, we believe that you don’t have to quit your job even if you want to appear in the most premier exam in our country. Instead, you need a well-planned schedule and adequate resources to reach the top.  So, let’s dive into the basics of mastering the UPSC preparation while working a full-time job. 

Find Your Inspiration

It is essential to stay motivated to work hard and hit what you aim for. The biggest factor that helps you stay motivated towards your goal is inspiration. Inspiration is the reason that pushes you to cross your limits, a silent workforce behind your efforts. Everyone starts preparation for UPSC with a fire in the heart. But as the time passes, that fire starts to fade and eventually what’s left are the ashes of burned down hopes and dreams. Therefore, it is crucial to find a strong reason to prepare for the UPSC Civil Services Exam. 

For instance, being frustrated with your current job is not a strong reason to jump straight into UPSC preparation. Most people don’t like their jobs anyway, that doesn’t make them automatically eligible for UPSC. Your frustration may increase or decrease depending on the circumstances at your workplace, and the inspiration will vary accordingly. To become an IAS, you have to be dedicated to your goal. Find a solid reason that drives you toward that goal. A fuel that will keep your fire burning until you reach the summit. 

Scout Your Turf

If you are ready to prepare for UPSC with a reason, the first step is to examine the syllabus. Download the latest syllabus from the UPSC website and review it. Getting knowledge of what you are going to face is crucial. Take notes about what you need to study vigorously and what is comparatively simple. It is better to get the syllabus in a printed form and mark it down according to specifics. Make sure you have thoroughly researched the level of difficulty and the effort required. I won’t recommend you to be overconfident about the results but still, be positive. Because no destination is too far if you have enough resilience. 

Therefore, scout the examination pattern and look for the best study material available in the market. You can take help from some other experienced people. As there is a lot of stuff available in the market, make sure not to spend on undeserving material. You’ll need some genuine mentorship for this step. Additionally, you can join some coaching institute to get curated study material and strategy to crack UPSC Civil Services Exam. 

UPSC While Working

Plan Your Journey

It’s always better to have a plan on your hand before you pack your bags for a journey. Therefore, a fool-proof plan is required to succeed. The most commonly used method to strategizing your preparation is by focusing on your weaknesses first. No matter how knowledgeable you are, there must be some weak points that deserve extra attention. Therefore, start with the topics that make you feel uncomfortable. Give more time to those subjects and improve your command over those subjects. 

Moreover, make sure you keep rephrasing the strategy periodically. As you progress, you’ll need to change your priorities. You have to mirror your progress in the approach that you’re following. Also, it is important to test yourself regularly. Make sure subscribe to a well established mock test series to get an honest assessment. Test series allow you to get a real world view of your preparation. By analyzing the results of mock tests, you can modify your preparation plan.

Set Milestones

Milestones or checkpoints help you track your progress efficiently. Also, reaching the set milestone will make motivate you, and you’ll feel accomplished. This sense of accomplishment can become a boost for your preparation. Make sure you set benchmarks according to your stage in UPSC preparation. For instance, set easy to reach and short term checkpoints to track your progress frequently. Once you’re in the loop, ready to work hard, set your milestones higher. Treat yourself with something your love once you reach a milestone. Many successful people use such techniques to stay motivated. 

However, it is important to keep the whole process dynamic. Do not impose hard and fast rules on yourself. If you are finding it too easy to reach the checkpoints you’ve set, turn the difficulty level up. Similarly, if you’re failing to complete the tasks frequently, go a little easy on yourself. 

Expect the Highest Level of Dedication

UPSC Civil Services Exam is like one of those adventure rides where you’ll see a warning before you enter – “Not For the Faint-Hearted.” Especially when you have planned to prepare for UPSC while working full time. You need to be completely honest with your schedule and dedicated. There is no time to cut some slack. You have to squeeze your study between an already busy schedule. Therefore, it may take a toll on you both mentally and physically. It’s in your hands to not feel disheartened and stay on the path toward your goal. It’s normal to feel demotivated at such crucial times. But consider all this a test of your dedication before you taste the success. 

So, try to find some free time for yourself to give some rest to your mind. Spend some time with like-minded people. Share your problems and discuss the solutions. You can also try to find time to follow your hobbies and freshen up your mind. 

Do Not Quit Your Job

No matter what happens, do not quit your job unless you get your desired result. Because the UPSC CSE is highly unpredictable. There is no guarantee in an examination that offers only a 0.2% rate of success rate to the candidates. Therefore, unless you are ultra-confident or a genius with extra-ordinary skills, do not quit your job. Many UPSC aspirants quit their jobs only to find themselves in a ditch one year later. So, be realistic with yourself and keep a competent backup with you. 

So, these were the top tips to follow if you wish to prepare for UPSC while working full time. Following these tips will surely help you get the best result according to the efforts you make. 

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