Frequently Asked Questions by Beginner IAS Aspirants

FAQs By Beginner IAS Aspirants



Q: What is the UPSC Civil Services Exam and what is its future scope?

A: Civil Services Exam is the gateway to the top bureaucratic posts in India. It gives you an opportunity to become a Public Servant. The recruitment to the topmost posts like IAS, IPS, IFS, IRS, etc. happens through the Civil Services Exam. Most grade-A jobs in any Government department are held by the successful candidates of the UPSC CSE. If you succeed in becoming an IAS officer, you can reach the top bureaucratic posts in India as you get promoted through the ranks. 
Every Civil Servant gets a lot of extra perks in addition to the salary from the Government. Also, there is a regular promotion in the ranks, so the salary also increases rapidly. For the smooth functioning of our administration, Civil Servants are a vital part of our government.

Q: What is the format of the Civil Services Exam?

A: The UPSC CSE is a three-tiered exam. The first stage is the Prelims examination which is a multiple choice answers based exam. This exam has two papers. The first one is the general studies paper which decides the cut-off of the prelims phase. The second paper is CSAT which tests the logical and numerical ability of the candidate but is only qualifying in nature. 
The second phase of CSE is the mains examination. This exam is completely pen and paper-based and the questions are written answer type. A candidate appearing for CSE mains has to write nine papers in total. Two of those nice are qualifying in nature, two are based on the optional subjects selected by the candidate, and the remaining five are general studies papers which test the proficiency of an aspirant in various subjects. 
After the mains examination, there is a final round. The personal interview or personality test round. 

Q: What is the eligibility criteria?

A: The basic eligibility criteria for appearing in the UPSC CSE is to possess a graduation degree from a recognized university. Also, the candidate should be at least 21 years of age before 1st August of the year you are planning to appear in. The candidate shouldn’t be more than 32 years old. There is a provision of relaxation in the upper limit of age for different categories.
Defense Services Personnel or candidates belonging to OBC get an age relaxation of 3 years. 5 years of age relaxation is provided to SC/ST candidates. Additionally, the relaxation of 10 years is given to blind, deaf, mute, and orthopedically handicapped people. 

Q: What is the number of maximum attempts?

A: For General Category, the maximum number of attempts is 6. Physically handicapped candidates and candidates belonging to OBC get 9 attempts. There is no limit on the number of attempts for SC/ST candidates.

Q: What is the syllabus for the UPSC Civil Services Exam?

A: The syllabus of UPSC is very comprehensive and knowledge from every field of life is tested. You can check the complete syllabus and study pattern here: Link

Q: How to choose an optional subject?

A: An optional subject is crucial in the preparation of UPSC CSE. If you choose a subject that you love to study, it can enhance your chances of getting selected greatly. You can follow our tips to select a high scoring optional subject here:  Link

Q: Where can I get NCERT books?

A: You can easily find NCERT books in your nearest book store. But if you want to get a digital copy of the books you can simply visit the NCERT’s Official Website. You can also download the e-Pathshala app on your phone to get access to all the books uploaded by NCERT. 

Q: Is coaching necessary? Can we crack UPSC CSE with self-study only?

A: Whether you need coaching or not depends on your ability to learn and grasp new concepts. It is possible to crack the UPSC CSE by self-study but you’ll need good time management and proper discipline. Here’s our analysis of how to decide how to prepare for UPSC Civil Services Exam: Link

Q: How to start the preparation for CSE as a beginner?

A: Before you start the preparation for Civil Services, it is essential to make a proper strategy that you can follow to get the success you aim for. As always, IAS ke Funde is here at your service with the top tips on how to make an effective strategy. Read the article here:

Q: Is it necessary to join a coaching institute in Delhi only to get guaranteed success? 

A: It is a myth among the UPSC aspirants that joining a top coaching institute in Delhi will surely give you the success. But the truth is very different from this assumption. The success rate that the institutes in Delhi show are only because of the students that opt for coaching in Delhi. It is pretty obvious that if you have millions of top brains preparing at your coaching institutes the chances of your students getting selected will be high.
If those same students had chosen to study somewhere else they would’ve cracked the UPSC nevertheless. So, if you are ready to be dedicated and sincere you can crack the UPSC CSE on your own too. It’s better to get proper guidance though. But that doesn’t mean you should relocate to Delhi without taking some demo classes at your nearby institutes. So, make a wise choice only after trying all the options available. 

Q: How to decide which institute to join?

A: With so many institutes offering the coaching, and everyone claiming to be the best, it is very difficult to choose what will actually help you. So go through our guide to choose the best IAS coaching institute for you here: Link

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