Important committees/reports for UPSC

Important Committees for UPSC While preparing for UPSC, it is important to read the basic recommendations of various committees/commissions designed to serve the best interests of the governance of the nation. Today, we are going to discuss the few important committees for UPSC preparation. Remember, you don’t need to read the entire reports of the […]

Civil Disobedience Movement in India

Civil Disobedience Movement The Civil Disobedience Movement was an important milestone for India’s freedom struggle under the leadership of Mahatma Gandhi. In layman terms, Civil Disobedience means refusal by the citizens to obey the law and order of a government in a non-violent manner. In India, the movement marked a start to a new revolution […]

Important Science Terms for UPSC Preparation

Important Science Terms for UPSC Preparation Science is the most integral part of our life. Everything around us is science. From the tiniest bit of our earth to complex life forms, science is present everywhere. We learn and understand scientific concepts more through our experiences than books. However, that knowledge is not conveyable without proper […]