Dabanggs of IAS Coaching in Chandigarh

Dabanggs of IAS Coaching in Chandigarh

Chanakya IAS vs Abhimanu’s IAS vs Raj Malhotra’s IAS

Choosing the best institute for IAS coaching in Chandigarh has remained a matter of debate among students. Every year millions of aspirants start looking for top IAS coaching institutes when UPSC releases the notification for Civil Services Examination. Similarly, the institutes also start to put up their banners and advertisements to lure the students into joining them. The pomp and show that the institutes display during admission season puts the students into a dilemma. Every option looks favorable and a lot of time is wasted in selecting coaching before starting the preparation. But what makes an institute the best among the rest. We at IAS ke Funde understand this issue faced by the students every time That’s why we’re here with the list of parameters that can help you decide your next coaching institute. 

The debate about the best IAS coaching in Chandigarh ends only with 3 brands – Chankya’s, Abhimanu, and Raj Malhotra’s IAS. These are the most trusted brands in the Tricity. Every year a significant number of IAS aspirants from Punjab, Haryana, and Himachal Pradesh rush to the Tricity to join one of these three institutes. That’s why it is crucial to put these institutes to a test and see which one is actually better. We’ll check every institute’s performance according to the parameters that are essential for any IAS institute. So, let’s start this battle of the IAS Coaching heavyweights. 


The most important aspect of an institute is the environment that they provide for study. Therefore, the infrastructure should be the biggest concern before joining an institute. Usually, you’ll find that running a coaching institute is considered a business solely. So, there are no proper classrooms in mediocre institutes. That’s what separates the top institutes from average ones. Let’s discuss how well our top three fair in this aspect. 

We’ll go with Chanakya’s IAS Academy first. When you first pass through the entrance to Chanakya’s IAS, you are greeted with a huge banner of their achievements over the years. The corridor leads you to their reception, office, and academic area. There are multiple classrooms and depending on your batch size you will be allotted to a different classroom. The rooms are spacious and well lighted with a clear view of the whiteboard and the teacher. This institute is also one of the few institutes in Chandigarh that feature a full-sized auditorium. Area-wise there is no competitor to the infrastructure this institute provides. However, we found some classrooms to be smaller than they should be. So, the quality of the classroom you get will depend on your batch size.

Next up is Abhimanu’s IAS Academy. Because Abhimanu’s is one of the oldest running UPSC coaching institutes in Chandigarh. Their infrastructure is also completely rich in features. Just like Chanakya’s IAS, this IAS academy also features well-built classrooms, offices, and auditorium. There is a cafeteria for students which offers snacks and stuff. There is a library which is spacious and well lit. The classrooms are also spacious and there is enough room for students to study comfortably. 

Finally, Raj Malhotra’s IAS is a relatively new institute in comparison to these two heavyweights. But you can’t notice the difference in quality. The institute is very well designed with proper natural lighting all over the place. The classrooms are spacious, ventilated, and the best thing is that unlike others there are no small or closed spaced rooms. Each class is big enough to accommodate the students comfortably. There are a library and a cafeteria too. The library is not as big as you might find in Chanakya or Abhimanu but it’s expected to evolve. In terms of study environment, Raj Malhotra’s IAS provides the calmest place to study. But the library should have been a little more comprehensive. 


  • Chanakya’s IAS – 9/10
  • Abhimanu’s IAS – 9/10
  • Raj Malhotra’s IAS – 8.5/10 

Dabanggs of IAS Coaching in Chandigarh


The experience and knowledge level of the faculty members is the most vital part of your UPSC coaching. A well-built structure is completely futile without a good team of teachers to guide the students. So let’s see what these institutes offer.

Chanakya has been in the business of UPSC coaching for decades. Therefore, it is expected that they bring the best faculty team possible. But it’s worth noting that the institute is basically centred in Delhi. Their best teachers take classes in the HQ only. The faculty members of Chanakya’s IAS in Chandigarh are different. There is no doubt in their knowledge but the students expect them to deliver Delhi-like levels. However, that is not possible because the faculty from the Delhi branch only visits once in a while for guest lectures. Therefore, running after the brand name is a waste of time. Instead, it’s better to attend some demo classes to experience the teaching methods first hand. 

Abhimanu’s is known for having one of the most experienced and well-picked staff in Chandigarh. But the truth is a little different from what’s claimed. Most experienced teachers that once made this institute the best in the Tricity are now gone. The new staff is equally knowledgeable but students have reported a drop in the levels of consistency. These changes have affected the reputation of Abhimanu’s IAS. We expect this to change as they continue to evolve at a good pace.

Raj Malhotra’s IAS was founded by the former faculty member of Abhimanu’s IAS and one of the key members of their staff, Mr Raj Malhotra. After he decided to leave Abhimanu’s to start his own institute, a lot of other teachers followed his footsteps. The result is very clear. The once-formidable teaching staff of Abhimanu’s is now part of the Raj Malhotra’s IAS. Moreover, their experience and dedication have helped Raj Malhotra become the most result-oriented institute in the Tricity. Their results speak for them. Additionally, their ever-evolving presence in the UPSC coaching scene is advantageous.


  • Chanakya’s IAS: 8.5/10
  • Abhimanu’s IAS: 8/10
  • Raj Malhotra’s IAS: 8.5/10

Study Material

The study material provided these institutes is top-notch. There is no comparison in this factor because these giants of IAS Coaching in Chandigarh are a class above the rest. It depends on a student what type of study material they like. So we will call it a tie and give full marks to each institute for this category. 


  • Chanakya’s IAS: 10/10
  • Abhimanu’s IAS: 10/10
  • Raj Malhotra’s IAS: 10/10

Additional Facilities

Some institutes provide additional facilities that help their students stay ahead of the competition. These facilities are generally overlooked. However, they can play a major role in your preparation. Let’s start with doubt clearing sessions. It is common to organise special sessions for students. But what differentiates Chanakya’s IAS and Raj Malhotra’s IAS from Abhimanu’s is 24/7 support. You don’t have to wait for special doubt removal sessions to be organized. You can simply call, text, or mail your doubts to the concerned faculty member and you’ll get quick response. This improves the interaction of teacher and student. It results in the rapid progress of the student.

The next thing is online access. If you miss your class, you can get online access to recorded classes and continue your study without worrying about a gap. As per our knowledge, only Raj Malhotra’s IAS provides online access to students enrolled in offline batches. This is extremely helpful as you don’t have to hustle for the notes of the missed lectures. 

Out of the two factors, Raj Malhotra’s IAS provides both and Chanakya’s IAS provides one facility. Thus, Raj Malhotra’s IAS gets full marks in this category.


  • Chanakya’s IAS: 7/10
  • Abhimanu’s IAS: 6/10
  • Raj Malhotra’s IAS: 10/10

Value for Money

The last thing to consider before choosing an institute is, how much they take out of your pocket. You can not invest your money and time in something that won’t yield the desired result. Therefore, let’s see what else these institutes once you’ve paid your tuition fee. 

As mentioned above, Raj Malhotra’s IAS gives you access to online lectures at no extra cost. Additionally, only Raj Malhotra’s IAS allows you to attend the classes without paying any extra fee even after your batch is concluded. You can repeat your classes until you get qualified in your desired exam. This is a huge factor as no coaching can promise the selection in the first attempt. For this simple fact, we will give full marks to Raj Malhotra’s IAS. However, it would have been appreciated if the library fee was included in the course fee. None of these institutes provides that facility. So, reduced marks to every institute for this business tactic.


  • Chanakya’s IAS: 8/10
  • Abhimanu’s IAS: 7/10
  • Raj Malhotra’s IAS: 9/10


The conclusion is very clear from the points table below. Our winner of this battle of the giants of IAS Coaching in Chandigarh is “Raj Malhotra’s IAS Study Group”.

Chanakya’s IAS Abhimanu’s IAS Raj Malhotra’s IAS
Infrastructure 9 9 8.5
Faculty 8.5 8 8.5
Study Material 10 10 10
Additional Facilities 7 6 10
Value for Money 8 7 9
Total 42.5 40 46

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